Woman’s hack removes rings stuck on finger without having to call fire brigade

There’s always that moment of panic when you push a ring that’s slightly too tight onto your finger as you begin to imagine having it as part of you for the rest of your life.

When all else fails, some people have to make the embarrassing trip to the local fire station to have it removed, where the kind firefighters worrying tell you not to cry as it happens all the time.

To save you from having to do the same, one woman has shared a very simple hack to remove rings that become stuck, and the clip has been watched nearly 10 million times as viewers were left fuming no one had ever shown them before.

TikTok user @Saltyroots207 replied to a video in which a dad used WD-40 to ease a stainless steel nut off of his child’s finger to show her own method of doing things using a needle and thread.

With a ring jammed tightly onto her finger, she threads the needle before pushing its non-sharp end under the ring towards her hand and all the way through to come out the other side.

She then uses the trailing thread to compress her finger by tightly wrapping it around in a spiral motion towards her nail, going over the wide joint which is keeping it trapped.

Once that’s done, she grabs the end of the thread she had pulled through with the needle, unravelling it down her finger and taking the ring with it. You can see how it’s done in the video above.

She captioned the viral clip: “My mum taught me this trick if WD-40 doesn’t work next time. Great job dad and way to be brave lil lady!”

Some viewers were slightly concerned, as one said: “Sis you almost lost a finger for this demonstration”, but the majority thanked her for sharing the life hack.

Someone wrote: “I can’t wait for someone to have a ring stuck on their finger so I can save the day.”

And another asked: “WHERE WAS THIS A WEEK AGO.”