Takeaway driver praised for following customer’s hilarious delivery instructions

A pizza delivery driver left a woman in stitches by following the bizarre set of delivery instructions she left for him with more enthusiasm than she could ever have imagined.

Customers often use the additional information option on food orders to tell the restaurant about allergies, or provide guidance to help find the address, but one customer wanted to see how far her driver would go to fulfil a request.

A doorbell camera catches the moment the takeaway worker walks towards the front door carrying the pizzas in one hand and a drink bottle in the other, when he stops to read a handwritten note which had been left on the front door.

It instructed the driver: “Scream ‘Shannon your pizza is here.’ Don’t ring the doorbell or knock, our grandma is sleeping upstairs.”

After taking a few seconds to contemplate the request, which makes absolutely no sense, he looks around before stepping right up to the front door and absolutely bellowing “Shannon” in a voice loud enough to wake the entire neighbourhood, let alone poor grandma.

He continues by screaming: “Your pizza” and before he can finish the sentence, the front door opens, but this does nothing to deter the professional from his job, as he finishes with an enormous “is here” right in the customer’s face, holding the final note for a few seconds.

The woman is left in stitches and thanks him for the impeccable service as he hands over the food, and the clip went viral after being shared on social media.

One user commented on Reddit: “Door opened mid scream but my dude was committed. He was gonna get his message out even if it was directly in the face of poor Shannon. No way nana slept through that s*** btw.”

A second said: “I hope grandma had a good rest to the soothing sound of the pizza guy’s acoustic yelling.”

And another added: “He skipped like 6 levels of screaming… I bet he’s been holding that in for a couple months.”