Mum urged not to use husband’s baby name choice as daughter will suffer ‘years of abuse’

When it comes to baby names, our choices can be pretty divisive – like Marmite, people will either love it or hate it.

But then there are some names that pretty much everyone can agree just should not be used.

For instance, we recently heard how one mum-to-be wanted to name her child after a character from the show Supernatural, but unfortunately, that character ended up being the actual devil, Lucifer.

Yes, really.

The parent was quickly told by many that the name was “totally unsuitable” and her child would be bullied in the future if she went ahead with it.

A similar message was recently relayed to an anonymous woman on the parenting forum, Mumsnet, who revealed her husband’s top choice for their daughter’s name was Thanksgiving, only to be told the child will face “years of abuse” if they called her that.

In a post on the site, the mum-to-be explained how she and her husband were Christians and they wanted to give their children virtue names.

They already have one daughter with a virtue name but sadly lost their second child when she was born due to complications.

To honour her and show how grateful they are to be able to have another baby, they want to pick a name that “conveys thankfulness and a sense of giving back for [their] blessing”.

The woman explains that they cannot use the names, Grace or Joy, as their friends have recently used these names.

As such her husband has decided they should name their baby Thanksgiving.

She says her partner loves the name and initially she agreed it was a good choice, but is now having second thoughts about it.

The mum-to-be wrote: “I am thinking – it’s quite a mouthful and a big name to give to a little girl, what if it’s too much? And what would we shorten Thanksgiving to?”

She then asked fellow parents to share their thoughts on the name and hundreds of people were quick to warn her off it and offer up alternative virtue names, such as Faith, Felicity, Hope, Charity and Haven.

In the comments, the name was branded an “awful” and “embarrassing” idea.

One person said: “I’m sorry for your loss but this is a daft name. Would you be happy to be introduced as Thanksgiving Smith?”

Another replied: “I’m really sorry but it’s an awful idea. You know that Thanksgiving is a big holiday in America right? It would be the equivalent of calling a kid Christmas or Hanukkah.”

A third posted: “Please think of your child at this time and the years of abuse she will face if you use Thanksgiving as a name.”

The mum later shared an update, thanking people for their messages and saying she was going to show her husband what everyone thought of the name.

“I did kind of expect the response to be honest as I had a feeling it would be too much as a name,” she added.