DJI Mini 2 drone getting firmware update to address battery charging issue

Dronemaker DJI says a firmware update is coming to fix a battery discharge issue in its DJI Mini 2 drone. According to TechRadar, the company says the update will “initiate auto-discharge when batteries are in the drone or charging hub and have not been used recently.” It’s a relatively minor issue that mainly affects the battery’s longevity; lithium polymer batteries like the one in the DJI Mini 2 have a longer lifespan if they can discharge slowly when left at a full charge for a long period of time.

Unlike its Intelligent Flight Batteries, the batteries in the DJI Mini 2 “use a minute amount of charge to maintain vital functions and do not initiate auto-discharge,” the company told TechRadar. DJI recommends that batteries in the DJI Mini 2 be removed from the drone or charging hub — regardless of whether the drone has received the firmware update — if the drone will be idle for a while. The timing of the firmware update is still to be determined; we’ve reached out to DJI for more details and will update when we hear back.

The DJI Mini 2 was released in November 2020, and our reviewer called it the best drone under $500, with a decent camera that helps make it “a perfect package for a content creator on the go.